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VNC, Windows and UAC prompts

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/15

Since I needed to maintain a Windows PC behind a VPN connection via the console (so not via RDP sessions) including installation of software, I needed a (preferably free or open source) solution supporting elevation through UAC (User Account Control).

For a good description of differences between RDP and VNC, see [WayBack] remote desktop – TightVNC while an RDP session is running – Super User by [WayBackUser Canadian Luke.

Of the many non functional search results, the one suggesting running UltraVNC as a service is the one that really worked: [WayBack] If you install UltraVNC as a service, you can see the UAC notifications and press the buttons… VNC on windows 7 with administrator rights – Super User.

  1. I only needed the “Ultra VNC Server Silent” installation (see screenshot below).
  2. Run the UltraVNC settings (default location for the settings application is C:\Program Files\uvnc bvba\UltraVNC\uvnc_settings.exe)
    1. In the Security tab, be sure to set good passwords for read/write access (VNC Password) and read-settings (View-Only password)
    2. In the  Service tab, ensure the service is installed and if it is stop+start the service
  3. Optionally ensure a TLS or SSH tunnel (as by default ports 5900 and 5800 are unencrypted)
    • I need to research this further, as there seems to be a plugin possibility.

Now I can use Screen Sharing on my Mac to access the machine via a VPN over the VNC protocol. Combined with a Wake On LAN feature in the remote network, this works splendid.



PS: [WayBackmacos – Wake Other Computers from Mac OSX – Ask Different

PS2: I’m not sure about the difference between “Silent” and regular – see [WayBackUltraVNC • View topic – UltraVNC Server “Silent” – Install option

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