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delphi – Why was TDataSource created originally? – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/03/14

From a while ago [WayBackdelphi – Why was TDataSource created originally? – Stack Overflow

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It is all about decoupling and indirection.

And with TDataSource there are two kinds of them:

  • Decoupling the master detail relations (TDataSource is in the same module as the TDataSets that are being bound; the detail TDataSet references the master TDataSet by pointing its’ MasterSource property to the TDataSource that points to the master TDataSet)
  • Decoupling the UI from the business layer (TDataSets are in a DataModule; TDataSource is on the Form/Frame which contains your UI controls, UI controls reference their DataSourceproperty).

Since many components can point to the same DataSource, you can quickly switch which underlying TDataSet they use by just flipping one TDataSource.DataSet property.


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