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To use the – undocumented – GetItCmd.exe CLI version of the GetIt package manager, run rsvars.bat first – via G+

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/20

Interesting observation on [WayBack] How do you use the CLI version of GetIt Package Manager. I always get a “no items were found.” response. As usual, the EMBT wiki is total rubbish and do… – Graeme Geldenhuys – Google+.

What you need for GetItCmd, is to run rsvars.bat for your Delphi version first, which is exactly what [WayBackRun-Dependend-rsvars-From-Path.bat – which I wrote a while ago – does.

I did not even know that there was a CLI equivalent of [WayBack] GetIt – RAD Studio , but it is there, totally undocumented: GetItCmd apart from two filename references on the French and German docwiki:

Apart from that, I could only find these links:

Another odd thing: rsvars.bat is also not documented, and has just one reference in the docwiki: [WayBack] Using CMake with C++ Builder – RAD Studio.

The use of rsvars.bat is simple: it sets the below environment variables (some older versions set less variables, like missing PLATFORM or PlatformSDK) for use with the IDE (bds32.exe), msbuild and GetIt.


(some of these are set to empty to they at least exist)

Later on, Marco Cantu reacted

The command line version of GetIt is not stable, so it was never “promoted” to being a feature. It was a tentative feature, we likely removed the English doc, but translations remained — so having that documentation is kind of an error. We ship is as we use it, with a specific command that works and is safe. In other words, use it as your own risk, as it is not an official feature.

So apparently, the only way that GetIt works, is through a specific command in GetItCmd. From an architectural point of view that gives me a  “lets get this tick on the feature matrix done no matter what the architectural consequences are” feeling.


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