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Excel on Mac OS X / macOS: character that sorts after Z

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/10/04

Sometimes in a table, you want to have a key column where one of the rows sorts after Z (for instance having a total value further on).

The A-Z sort order sorts all non-letter ASCII characters in front of A-Z and a-z because [WayBack] Excel sorting is not in ASCII order – Microsoft Community, see ASCII Sort.xlsm – Microsoft Excel Online.

Using =NA() (which displays as  #N/A  ) is too visually intrusive (but works, see: [WayBack] Forcing an item to sort last in Excel [Archive] – Actuarial Outpost)

Luckily, putting in an Arabic character like  works. You can even put it in front of normaal ASCII characters like in 'ٴ ----- which then displays it at the right (since Arabic is Right-to-Left) -----ٴ .

The character is high Hamza – Wikipedia; [WayBack] Unicode Character ‘ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZA’ (U+0674)



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