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Use SetString if your source memory reagion with characters is not null-terminated…

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/03/03

Too many people forget this (including myself) every now and then) so here is a reminder to use the [WayBackSetString method when assigning strings from memory regions having characters but no null terminator:

Anyway, assuming that you use a Unicode Delphi you want to use SetString in its place:

SetString(password, PWideChar(Credential.CredentialBlob), Credential.CredentialBlobSize div 2);

It was by David Heffernan commenting on [WayBack] I have this code sample on StackOverflow using a function WideCharToWideString… I can’t seem to find anything on this function… – Nils Guillermin – Google+.

Note that like the above Delphi 2009 link (where it is a WideChar function to Unicode string conversion function), it was also available in Delphi 2007 and earlier as [WayBack] SetString.



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