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Installing SourceTree 3.x for Windows on an air-gapped machine

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/03/11

Since the “account.json” SourceTree search did not help me much, below are the steps for installing SourceTree for Windows 3.x on an air-gapped machine.



  1. Run Process Explorer on the target system
  2. Run the SourceTreeSetup installer on the target system
  3. When registering, click on the “BitBucket” button on the target system
  4. In Process Explorer, find out the web browser process that the setup kicks off and grab the command-line, which looks like this when running Chrome as default browser:
    "%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -- ""
  5. Copy the URL bit over and paste it on a machine that has internet access
  6. Logon, and follow the steps until the URL look like this: http://localhost:34106/?state=authenticated&code=876543210987654321
  7. Copy that URL over to a web-browser on the target system and execute it
  8. Finish the installation steps on the target system

Now a new file should be in %LocalAppData%\Atlassian\SourceTree\accounts.json suitable for SourceTree 3.x. In the future you might be lucky enough to copy that to a target system before installing.

I was not so lucky, because my accounts.json was SourceTree 2.x based, which the SourceTree 3.x setup modifies, but is still not happy with.

Note these number differ on each request:

  • 123456789012345678 is a base64 encoded request ID
  • 876543210987654321 is a base64 encoded response ID
  • 34106 is a random TCP port where the installer is listening on to get the authentication information


Initially, I had Fiddler steps in the above, but found out I did not need those. One thing that complicated this is that Fiddler had been removed from Chocolatey for a while, so I was not sure it would stay as a product:


Now has an MSI installer:

Has old steps for 2.x versions to get around the above hoopla:


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