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Chr equivalent for Unicode in Delphi 7 – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/17

From a long time ago: [WayBackchr equivalent for Unicode in Delphi 7 – Stack Overflow answered by David Heffernan:


I need to initialize a Widestring in Delphi 7 but I can’t use chrfunction which is ANSI

  ws : Widestring;

 ws := chr($FFFF) + chr($FFFF) + chr($FFFF);


What can I use, then ?


I’m not sure there’s a simply way to do what you wish. You can convert a Word into a WideChar with a simple cast:


but you cannot concatenate WideChar. So this is a compiler error:

WideChar($FFFF) + WideChar($FFFF)

You could use a helper function to get the job done:

function InitialiseWideString(const chars: array of Word): WideString;
  i: Integer;
  SetLength(Result, Length(chars));
  for i := 0 to high(chars) do
    Result[i+1] := WideChar(chars[i]);

Then you can call it like this:

ws := InitialiseWideString([$0054, $0069, $006D, $0065, $0020, $0074, $006F, 
  $0020, $0075, $0070, $0067, $0072, $0061, $0064, $0065]);


3 Responses to “Chr equivalent for Unicode in Delphi 7 – Stack Overflow”

  1. xepol said

    WideChar typecasting from a word is how it is done all over the RTL, so I would guess that is the closest way to correct, unless you need a utf32 code point that creates a mbcs utf16 sequence. (it’s in the standard, not sure how common it is)

  2. Arnaud Bouchez said

    What about the following?

    ws := #$FFFF#$FFFF#$FFFF;

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