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Navigating throug the Windows of the Joe’s Own Editor – Wikipedia

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/26

The built-in help of the Joe’s Own Editor – Wikipedia shows only a limited set of keyboard shortcuts:

What it misses is how to navigate through Windows. You use the ^KN (for Next) and ^KP (for Previous) navigation shortcuts for that.

You can even use that to navigate out of the Find or Replace line: The Find and Replace lines are single line prompts without a status line (but with a caption).

This is explained in [WayBackPrompts:

Most prompts record a history of the responses you give them. You can hit up and down arrow to step through these histories.

Prompts are actually single line windows with no status line, so you can use any editing command that you normally use on text within the prompts. The prompt history is actually just other lines of the same “prompt file”. Thus you can can search backwards though the prompt history with the normal ^K F command if you want.

Since prompts are windows, you can also switch out of them with ^K P and ^K N.

A bit unfortunate, but the help does not show cursor movement keys which can be very convenient, but [WayBack] Introduction to the Joe Text Editor has:

   Help Screen    turn off with ^KH    more help with ESC . (^[.)

 CURSOR           GO TO            BLOCK      DELETE   MISC         EXIT
 ^B left ^F right ^U  prev. screen ^KB begin  ^D char. ^KJ reformat ^KX save
 ^P up   ^N down  ^V  next screen  ^KK end    ^Y line  ^T  options  ^C  abort
 ^Z previous word ^A  beg. of line ^KM move   ^W >word ^R  refresh  ^KZ shell
 ^X next word     ^E  end of line  ^KC copy   ^O word< ^@  insert   FILE
 SEARCH           ^KU top of file  ^KW file   ^J >line SPELL        ^KE edit
 ^KF find text    ^KV end of file  ^KY delete ^_ undo  ^[N word     ^KR insert
 ^L  find next    ^KL to line No.  ^K/ filter ^^ redo  ^[L file     ^KD save

    IW   tonguetwister                Row 1    Col 1    9:48  Ctrl-K H for help

New File




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