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grep for Delphi .dproj file containing copy commands for certain DLLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/20

I always forget the syntax, so this quick grep helps me finding the lines in Delphi .dproj files that have the right copy statements for getting certain DLLs in the output directory.

Those are very useful to copy for instance the FastMM or OpenSSL DLLs from a central location.

[WayBack] GNU grep (which shows filenames and supports UTF-8 and UTF-16):

grep -inS copy *.dproj | grep -i ssl | grep -i dll | grep -v amp

Good old Borland grep:

grep -ind copy *.dproj | grep -i ssl | grep -i dll | grep -v amp

The amp trick excludes any lines having amp in them, incuding the & lines that are duplicated by the IDE throughout the .dproj file to keep build configurations linked correctly.



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