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delphi – Faster DirectoryExists function? – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/04

From a while back: [WayBack] delphi – Faster DirectoryExists function? – Stack Overflow:


I use

DirectoryExists (const PathName : String);

to check if a directory is reachable from a computer or not. But if the directory does not exist and the path name is a network path, i.e.


the method takes a very long time to return.

There must be a faster way to determine that a network folder is not reachable. Or can I configure some timeout parameter that DirectoryExists uses internally (I looked at the source code but it just delegates to GetFileAttributes which is defined in kernel32)?

Any ideas?


There is no faster way:

any function accessing anything on a remote share will timeout when that share is not available.

If the cause of your timeouts is automatic disconnecting of shares, then these link may help you:

If the application can continue without the completion of the check, then you can put the check in a separate thread, and upon completion of the check, you can update your status in the UI.

Be aware that when you try a multi-threading way, that you have to disprove your code is free of race-conditions and memory leaks. Time-outs in combination with exceptions usually make that a hard task.



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