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CP1500EPFCLCD – Backup UPS Systems | CyberPower

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/04/05

Reminder to self to write a bit more on the usage of a UPS my brother has got for a while now: CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD which is Line-Interactive with Pure Sine Wave output.

Before buying the ESXi support seemed incredible.

Some links to start with:


I got it via, though there might be better priced sources.

[] CYBERPOWER CP1500EPFCLCD 1500VA: AmazonSmile: Computer & Zubehör.

TinkerTry links:

ESXi support:

I will write a new blog post with installation instructions when I start experimenting with this setup.

Edit 20220521

Didn’t manage to find time for installation instructions as installing was in the midst of my rectum cancer treatment period.

But I did find the video below and a good review at [Wayback/Archive] Test: CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD – Hardware Journal which has this big picture of the back side (showing all outlets are battery backed, as opposed to some APC models that don’t):

CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD USV im Überblick
 Phase  einphasig
Technologie  Greenpower UPS Bypass
PFC  aktiv PFC Kompatiblität
Leistung (VA)  1500
Leistung (Watt)  900
Wellenform Batteriebetrieb  reine Sinuswelle
USB-A  5V / 2.1A
Batterielaufzeit  10 Minuten halbe Belastung (3 Minuten bei 100%)
Aufladezeit  bis zu acht Stunden
Ausgänge  6x Schukoanschluss
Batterietyp  Blei-Gel
komplette Specs
Preis  ~ 289,- Euro
Produkt-Garantie  3 Jahre
Batterie-Garantie  2 Jahre

Für die Verbraucher stehen auf der Rückseite sechs Batterie-gepufferte und gegen Überspannung gesicherte Schuko-Steckdosen schräg angeordnet zur Verfügung, sodass ein PC samt Monitor und weiteren Geräten betrieben werden können.

[Wayback/Archive] cyberpower-CP1500EPFCLCD-4.jpg (1250×832)


2 Responses to “CP1500EPFCLCD – Backup UPS Systems | CyberPower”

  1. alessandro said

    i think you’ve got a wrong picture, this is an APC UPS. if i can add my opinion i owe from 2-3 years an APC BR1200 e BR1500 and both from the begining (after they replaced me 4 batteries and 2 units) “comes” with around the 20% less of battery autonomy if you compare the official white papers …. a big delusion …
    on a BR1200 720W with a load of 13% the ups should “resist” around 60 minutes officialy…but you “get” if you are very lucky only 45minutes….. if not 35-40
    would be intresting to know the performance of this one

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