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Quickly get into the “rename computer” setting on Windows 10

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/02/18

A while ago I needed to quickly rename a Windows 10 machine, but again they moved around the way to get into the right dialog (each new Windows 10 release more options seem to move around from the classic Control Panel or Computer Properties into hard to memorise places).

So I was glad to find out that either of these work from the command-line:

  • sysdm.cpl,1
  • SystemPropertiesComputerName

I already was aware of editing the user environment variables through "C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe" sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables

Glad changing the computer name was so easy.

From [Wayback] Easy Ways to Open System Properties in Windows 10 | Password Recovery, I learned there were more equivalence commands for the rest of the “System Properties” tabs:

  1. Computer Name
    • sysdm.cpl,1
    • SystemPropertiesComputerName
  2. Hardware
    • sysdm.cpl,2
    • SystemPropertiesHardware
  3. Advanced
    • sysdm.cpl,3
    • SystemPropertiesAdvanced
  4. System Protection
    • sysdm.cpl,4
    • SystemPropertiesProtection
  5. Remote
    • sysdm.cpl,5
    • SystemPropertiesRemote

Searching for [Wayback] “EditEnvironmentVariables” “SystemPropertiesComputerName” – Google Search, I found a truckload more of these command-line tricks at [Wayback] 运行(WIN+R)中能使用的命令:ms-settings:,shell:,cpl,mmc… – Bob-wei – 博客园.


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