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Archive for April 7th, 2022

Some notes on receiving ADS-B signals and feeding them to the OpenSky Network and other flight tracker

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/04/07

Long story short: in many countries, flight operators overload larger and larger portions of their country with excessive noise levels. Somehow they seem to circumvent regulations over and over again.

The Netherlands is no exception, having regulations based on noise “estimates” instead of measurements, and the measurements that are done being owned by the flight operators.

A while ago, the public started to do their own measurements, for instance by the Explane app which relies on the OpenSky Network for flight data.

Living near to an airport that has sleeping slots for their surrounding inhabitants (some 1.5 million plus people) of roughly 23:00-02:00 and 02:30-06:00) the public cost are ever increasing, especially with the planned opening of a new airport causing the split of the flight paths to affect some 5 million inhabitants, I decided to at least feed the OpenSky Network for better coverage of large parts of the sky around the first and second airport.

Explain related links:

OpenSky Network (as it is used by Explane) and required equipment:


Also of interest is ADS-B Exchange as it provides unfiltered data:


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