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Archive for April 12th, 2022

Cleaning up Google Drive (for instance when a rogue supplier decides to fill your Windows Documents folder) and preventing TomTom HOME to use too much information

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/04/12

The below links helped me clean the Google Drive of a friend that grew way too large because TomTom HOME decided to put 100 gigabyte of data in the Documents folder instead of the local AppData folder (yup, this is a follow-up of Windows applications: storing your data in the correct place (Roaming, Local, LocalLow, not Documents)).

The trick with extensions to exclude is you have to add exclusions before syncing. Which is a kind of catch-22 or chicken and egg problem.

In case of the friend I helped we made a backup of the TomTom HOME data, then applied the exclusions and restored the data.

For TomTom HOME in order not to fill your Google Drive, but still allow backing up your Documents folder, these are extensions you might want to exclude (roughly in descending order of space) where you have to mind not storing any of these extensions in other subfolders of your Documents folder.:

  • .zip
  • .cab
  • .toc
  • .tmp
  • .meta
  • .sat
  • .tlv
  • .ttd
  • .dat
  • .vif
  • .chk
  • .bin
  • .rex
  • .lde
  • .gpr
  • .dbl
  • .so
  • .ov2

The problem with this? Google Backup and Sync does not allow that many exclusion extensions.


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When some virtual machines cannot run VMware Tools: Graceful shutdown of an ESXi 5.1 host and guest VMs (free edition) using the shell/command line/scripting (UPS friendly)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/04/12

An interesting set of scripts from [Wayback/] No Joke IT: Graceful shutdown of an ESXi 5.1 host and guest VMs (free edition) using the shell/command line/scripting (UPS friendly).

If all ESXi virtual machines support running of VMware Tools, then the solution is a plain /sbin/ && /sbin/poweroff (see [Wayback/] No Joke IT: Shut down ESXi 5.1 guest VMs and the host (free edition) via SSH – the easy way!).

Code is in the repository at [Wayback/] sixdimensionalarray/esxidown: A shell script to shutdown VMware ESXi host servers, with these two main files:

Note: the No Joke IT web-site has vanished, so only the [Wayback] and [] links of it still work. The github code was still there at the time of writing.

Via: [Wayback] Solved: Read only Files – VMware Technology Network VMTN

Related: Some notes on replacing parts of a text file with template text using sed on a Busybox system.


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