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Archive for January 4th, 2023

2021 Hackaday Remoticon – links to conference, playbacks and some slide decks

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/01/04

Another remote conference I missed while recovering from rectum cancer treatment, but luckily the playbacks are on YouTube and some slide decks are at Google Drive.

Via: [Archive] Uri Shaked on Twitter: “My talk on @hackaday Remoticon starting now Reverse Engineering the ESP32 WiFi Live stream: … “ / [Archive] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers on Twitter: “Dang. I copied that one out of the description. All the timestamps there are corrupted as YouTube measures them in minutes:seconds but @hackaday posted them as hours:minutes (which are off by minutes anyway) starting at 01:56:30. This is the correct one: … “


  • Web site at [Wayback/Archive] 2021 Hackaday Remoticon
  • Videos at [Wayback/Archive] HACKADAY – YouTube:
    • Day 1: [Wayback/Archive] 2021 Hackaday Remoticon: Friday – YouTube

      Approximate hour:minute time stamps as published for Friday

      They are usually at least minutes off; substract 11:00 to get the rough hour:minute index into the video, then scroll from there.

      • 11:00 Opening Remarks
      • 11:10 Keynote – Elecia White: Map Files and Other Buried Treasures
      • 12:10 Maurits Fennis: Hack for the Planet: Reverse Engineering Embedded Systems to Reduce E-Waste
      • 13:00 Matt Venn: Open Source ASICs – A Year in Perspective
      • 13:35 Hal Rodriguez and Sahrye Cohen: Conductive Melody: a Tech Couture Instrument
      • 14:10 Jay Bowles: A Dip Into The Plasmaverse
      • 15:00 Voja Antonic: Become a Hardware Expert in 40 Minutes
      • 15:50 Sergiy Nesterenko: Don’t Flip My Bits: Electronics in Spaaaace
      • 16:25 Jeroen Domburg: Rickrolling Buddha: A Deep Dive in Reverse Engineering and Thoroughly Pwning an Unknown Chip
      • 17:15 Lewin Day: Hacker Trivia (Stream will automatically redirect to this one: [Wayback/Archive] )
      • 18:00 Bring-a-Hack on Gather Town platform (details on joining sent to ticket holders and on the Discord server)
    • Day 2: [Wayback/Archive] 2021 Hackaday Remoticon: Saturday – YouTube

      Approximate hour:minute time stamps as published for Saturday

      They are usually at least minutes off; substract 10:00 to get the rough hour:minute index into the video, then scroll from there.

      • 10:00 Opening Remarks
      • 10:10 Keynote – Keith Thorne: LIGO: The Most Sensitive Instrument Humans Ever Created Will Unfold the Mysteries of Gravitational Waves
      • 11:10 Arsenijs Picugins: Laptop-Be-Done
      • 12:00 Uri Shaked: Reverse Engineering the ESP32 WiFi
      • 12:35 Hash Salehi: Smart Meter Hacking
      • 13:10 Jay Doscher: Getting Started With and Outgrowing Tinkercad
      • 14:00 Joey Castillo: Teaching An Old LCD New Tricks
      • 14:35 Colin O’Flynn: Upskilling your Hardware Security Work
      • 15:10 Rob Weinstein: Patently Obvious – Reverse Engineering a 45 Year Old Patent into a Fully-Functional HP-35 Replica
      • 16:00 Debra Ansell: Form is Function: Modular PCB Building Blocks
      • 16:35 Vaibhav Chhabra: M19 Initiative – A Case of Open Innovation & Distributed Manufacturing at Scale
      • 17:25 Keynote – Jeremy Fielding: Building Hardware that Moves: the Fundamentals that Everyone Should Know
      • 18:25 Hackaday Prize Ceremony
      • 19:25 Closing Remarks
      • 19:35 DJ Jackalope: Live Set (listen/watch on Twitch, chat with everyone on discord)


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