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Archive for January 12th, 2023

SQLZOO: Interactive SQL tutorials (no login required)

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/01/12

[Wayback/Archive] SQLZOO has an extensive set of interactive tutorials spread over these topics:

  • basic SQL tutorials gradually getting more difficult (including some Covid-19 materials)
  • SQL “how to” style questions
  • More involved examples from easy via medium to hard
  • A White Christmas challenge

So the above is kind of a continuation of my series of games to learn software and database development PostgreSQL Exercises.

I found it via the first reaction to [Archive] Steve Polito on Twitter: “If you’re like me and want to level up your SQL game, give PostgreSQL Exercises a try. …” / Twitter (which initiated yesterday’s post):

[Archive] Loumarven Payot on Twitter: “@stevepolitodsgn I’ve also tried Almost done with it. Next on my list are and” / Twitter

Which means I’ve more sites to try.

These will be the next: [Wayback/Archive] Learn SQL: Interactive SQL Book, from dataschool and [Wayback/Archive] Select Star SQL (which is an interactive book that I should be able to finish in a day full of reading and experimenting).


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