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Archive for February 1st, 2023

Facebook id numbers

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/02/01

Shortly after one of the many Facebook breaches, Miko from F-Secure posted this:

Mark Zuckerberg’s own data is in the Facebook leak. His Facebook ID number is 4.

There are no user IDs 0-3.

The only other single-digit user IDs in the leak seem to be:

  • ID 5: Chris Hughes
  • ID 6: Dustin Moskovitz

Other early facebook users include:

  • ID 11 Soleio Soleio
  • ID 27 Colin Kelly
  • ID 74 Daniel Mejia
  • ID 86 Jason Wen
  • ID 87 Emily Hurd
  • ID 102 Alex Lee
  • ID 104 Amy Ng
  • ID 139 Jeff Winer
  • ID 158 Teresa Grado
  • ID 185 Zach Seward
  • ID 210 Adam Levine
  • ID 287 Peter Buttigieg

And yes, they all have a phone number listed in the leak. That includes Mr. Zuckerberg.

Also, the Winklevoss brothers are not in the leak. (Source: [Wayback/Archive]

I wonder how you would get the Facebook ID of an account (for instance your own account).


PS: Since Threader died after writing this post, the above thread is now at WayBack: ThreadReaderApp, Archive: ThreadReaderApp, ThreadReaderApp, and [Archive] Twitter.

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