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xxd examples of big/little/middle endianness (thanks @jilles_com!)

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/04/18

Cool one-liner program via [Archive] Jilles🏳️‍🌈 (@jilles_com) / Twitter:

for s in 0123456789ABCDEF Passwd:admin;do echo -en "Big    Endian: $s\nMiddle Endian: ";echo -n $s|xxd -e -g 4 | xxd -r;echo -en "\nLittle Endian: ";echo -n $s|xxd -e -g 2 | xxd -r;echo -en "\nReversed     : ";echo -n $s|xxd -p -c1 | tac | xxd -p -r;echo -e "\n";done

Note that the hex are bytes, not nibbles, so the endianness is OK:


Big Endian: 0123456789ABCDEF
Middle Endian: 32107654BA98FEDC
Little Endian: 1032547698BADCFE
Reversed : FEDCBA9876543210

Big Endian:
Middle Endian: .2710.61452.
Little Endian: 71.2610.2.45
Reversed : 452.0.61.271

Big Endian: Passwd:admin
Middle Endian: ssaPa:dwnimd
Little Endian: aPssdwa:mdni
Reversed : nimda:dwssaP

That nibble/byte thing confused me at first (as I associate hexadecimal output with hex dumps, where each hexadecimal character represents a nibble)) so here are some interesting messages from the thread that Jilles_com started:

Some related man pages:


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