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Archive for the ‘Media Streaming’ Category

Tamikrest – Aratane N’Adagh – [HQ] – YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/11/09

Great music find by Jan Wildeboer a while ago.

In the thread some more African music is mentioned by Ferdinand Thommes


Playlist of Tamikrest related songs.

Ali Farka Touré:

And some I found myself:


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Interesting: open source audio finger printing system AcoustID – MusicBrainz

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/24

On my research list: AcoustID – MusicBrainz.

AcoustID is an acoustic fingerprint system built entirely on open-source technology.

The precursor was this: PUID – MusicBrainz.


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AAC – DivX encoder information

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/14

There are a lot of encoders around that encode audio into AAC and often support many of the possible AAC feature extensions.

One of those encoders is the DivX AAC encoder called DivXAACEnc.

It’s not only interesting because it is free, but also because they provide some very readable information on what kind of parameters it accepts, and what they do on the DivX AAC Encoder (Beta) | DivX Labs page.

So they talk about:

  • input types (WAV, RAW PCM, bits per sample)
  • rate control (CBR/VBR) and magnitude
  • modes (LC, HE1, HE2) and what they do
  • ADTS protection
  • Low-pass filter
  • Audio processing tips

Highly recommended information!

One big drawback: it is file based only, so it does not support streams.

Note: this is Windows only. Sorry.



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Ogg encoder alternatie AoTuv seems to be great

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/07

A while ago (actually, almost two years ago <g>), Chinese Sausage wrote the below answer; it’s on my research list to see if I can stream out my audio library:

Re: Best format to encode into?

« Reply #2 on: 2011-08-14, 14:50:18 »

When space drive IS a concern, then ogg (aoTuV version) is the best format quality-wise (to these ears), as it is more true to the original music source, and it leaves less noticeable noise artifacts than the other encoders.  However, aac is almost just as good and also more compatible with mobile phones, iPod’s and other external players, so it is probably a better choice if you want to share your music files with anybody who is not computer savvy. The main thing I do not like about aac (at least HE-AAC) is that it does not support gapless playback, which is particularly annoying if you listen to live albums, or other music which has continuous playback.

At 64kbps though, there is none better than ogg aoTuV. Here is a link to the latest version, in case you want it.
Just replace the ogg.dll and vorbis.dll files to the existing ones in your encoding program (I use MediaMonkey to encode files to ogg).

Hope this helps!


via: Best format to encode into?.

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WinAmp AACPlus v2 Encoder: how to encode mono

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/05

AACPlus allows for a many combinations of encoding flags.

Finding out whick allows to encode a mono audio stream is a bit time consuming.

Luckiliy, I found this post:

If you want encode in mono make this:

enc_aacPlus test.wav test.aac --br (max 256000) --mono

or for streaming:

enc_aacplus - - --br (max 256000) --silent --rawpcm 44100 2 16 --mono

Note that the various versions of enc_aacPlus.exe requires the enc_aacPlus.dll from WinAmp.


via: AACPlus v2 Encoder Problem..

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