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Archive for the ‘Ubiquiti’ Category

Guidelines for WiFi access points at home/office

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/10/02

The first post (in Dutch) has quite a few good tips on improving WiFi at your home or office: [WayBack] Router D-Link moet snelheid van 2,1Gbit/s op 5GHz halen – Computer – Nieuws – Tweakers.

There is also a nice explanation of beamforce, where the video below gives a good visual indication on how it works.


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Ubiquity UniFi SDN – Server status “UniFi Controller is starting up… Please wait a moment”

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/22

When your UniFi Cloud Key web interface shows this [] after upgrading:


UniFi Controller is starting up…

Please wait a moment


Then you just ran into a bug which seems to occur most with 5.9.29 of the UniFi software: [] “UniFi Controller is starting up…” “Please wait a moment” “5.9.29” – Google Search

The easiest way is to restore from a backup: this usually works.

For that you need ssh access, which usually is with the ubnt user. But you could have made life more complicated when you followed these:

Steps from [WayBack] UniFi Controller is starting up… Please Wait A Moment – Ubiquiti Networks Community (thanks [] About mrfoxdk – Ubiquiti Networks Community!):

  1. SSH to the Unifi CloudKey
  2. dpkg -P unifi
  3. Open a browser and browse the URL of CloudKey
  4. Login
  5. Press “Install” under UniFi
  6. Wait for the process to complete, and then wait a bit for the service to be brought online.
  7. Recover the configuration backup from the latest backup

Removing and reinstalling the UniFi software, then restore from backup

Step 2 above will purge the unifi software of the cloud key as per dpkg --help:

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Linus Torvalds – Google+: Working gadgets: Ubiquiti UniFi collection (and a whole bunch of Unifi/Ubiquiti/Ubtn links).

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/21

Seems my interest in Ubiquiti needs more research: [WayBackLinus Torvalds – Google+: Working gadgets: Ubiquiti UniFi collection.

Hopefully by now I’ve time to re-design the WiFi coverage in the house and invest in a few of those access points.


Splitting 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz SSIDs: two ways (I think the second is cleaner)

  1. Either have one WLAN group with a set of SSIDs, then in each access point disable the 2.4Ghz SSID on the 5GHz radio, and disable the 5Ghz SSID on the 2.4Ghz radio
  2. Have different WLAN groups with an SSID (or set of SSIDs) for each frequency, then in each access point select the appropriate group for each radio

For both the first and second one, you need to configure under “Config” -> “WLANs”.

For the second one, you can clone from the first, then change the SSID names.


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Strange MAC addresses starting FA:8F:CA without OUI in your network? They are Locally Administered Addresses and likely from Google.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/07

A while ago, I write about Locally Administered Addresses: a few series of MAC addresses you can use on your local network: MAC address ranges safe for testing purposes (Locally Administered Address).

A while ago, I found ones in my network and ones in my WiFi SSID survey starting with FA:8F:CA. They did not show up in the Wireshark · OUI Lookup Tool nor their manufacturer database.

But with bit 7 turned off they start with F8:8F:CA which does show up as “F8:8F:CA Google, Inc.”

They appear to be Google devices, in my case Google ChromeCast ones, though they can also be Google Home ones.

Google does “magic” with networks, just look at a few of the links here:


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No more

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/11

Not sure when this happened but the CIDR list is no more [WayBack

Dear partners,
Please note that we have migrated the latest IP pools of WhatsApp to Facebook Mobile Partner Portal. Feel free to browse to the Settings page of the portal and download the latest WhatsApp IP pool: 
Further IP pool updates are also done through the portal and are no longer distributed via email or through WhatsApp web site.
If you have not yet registered on the Mobile Partner Portal or have difficulties accessing it - please request access through the following form and we'll be happy to assist:
For any technical requests please contact us through the Support section of the portal: 
WhatsApp team

In the past it was the place to get the CIDR so you could either block or allow WhatsApp traffic: [earlier WayBack]

It is still widely cited as way to regulate WhatsApp traffic, for instance at these places:

Time to find an automated way to get the replacement list. Maybe the below helps (via [WayBackBlock facebook messenger and whatsApp on Dlink router – Super User)

whois -h '!gAS32934'


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