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Too many WLANs…

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/09/21

32 WLANs just on the ground floor…

Name (SSID) Channel MAC Address
ASUS-RT-N66U-PSO-1-2.4 6 10:BF:48:D3:3D:20
ASUS-RT-N66U-PSO-1-5 44 10:BF:48:D3:3D:24
UPC0053284 1 80:C6:AB:08:89:88
Ziggo 1 82:C6:AB:08:89:8A
WLAE-AG300N-PSO-2 11 4C:E6:76:0F:50:42
FRITZ!Box 7490 13 34:31:C4:CE:CE:AE
ASUS-RT-N66U-PSO-2-Tomato24 6 10:BF:48:D2:F5:E8
FRITZ!Box 7490 36 34:31:C4:CE:CE:AF
H368N8D6382 8 34:4D:EA:8D:63:82
Sitecom303E5E 11 64:D1:A3:30:3E:5E
KPN Fon 8 62:4D:EA:8D:63:83
VGV75198FB7F6 11 84:9C:A6:8F:B7:F6
Sitecom2eb939 6 64:D1:A3:2E:B9:3B
Sitecom_ee8c98 11 00:0C:F6:EE:8C:98
UPC515789 1 E8:40:F2:80:68:CF
dLAN Netwerk 11 BC:F2:AF:B5:C9:4A
ASUS-RT-N66U-PSO-2-Tomato50 36 10:BF:48:D2:F5:EC
Sitecom327664 3 64:D1:A3:32:76:64
Prins Maurits Experia 1 4C:09:D4:20:CC:55
VGV7519FC7C1C 3 4C:09:D4:FC:7C:1C
Ziggo 1 EA:40:F2:80:68:C1
UPC245262667 1 DC:71:44:80:6D:48
Sitecom0DDDD0 9 64:D1:A3:0D:DD:D0
VGV7519BD731C 13 88:03:55:BD:73:1C
Ziggo 13 82:C6:AB:2A:5A:A2
UPC0041308 13 80:C6:AB:2A:5A:A0
UPC0053284 1 84:1B:5E:39:B9:68
UPC738371 1 E8:40:F2:94:35:87
Miami Beach 1 9C:C7:A6:AA:CA:59
Ziggo 1 EA:40:F2:94:35:89
UPC2612067 6 88:F7:C7:4F:27:12

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The top floors are even worse. Some of them are mine, so I want to find a seamless handover for that. Which I only can do if I’ve merged my various networks that connect to the WiFi devices into a big one.

That requires a good but competitively priced multi-WAN router which I’m still searching for: any hints for such a device are welcome as well as configuration tips.

Some people seem to love Ubiquity, even for seamless. Are those straightforward to configure?


PS: Converted from my Fritz!Box copied Wireless Radio Networks table

Easily create tables in extended Markdown format supported by Markdown Here and GFM.

Source: Markdown Tables generator –

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