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Posts Tagged ‘Classic Typewriters’

USB Typewriter — Classic Typewriters for the Digital Age (for mechanical typewriters, not electrical ones)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/19

Nicely done: the USB Typewriter — Classic Typewriters for the Digital Age, as they can do almost all keys a PC keyboard can do see the USB Typewriter — FAQ using a mechanical (not electrical!) typewriter.

Basically the opposite of  the IBM Selectric Computer Terminal, the Daisy wheel printing, the IBM 1050 systemand the IBM 2741 Console.

Note the kits (there are both soldering and non-soldering versions) are mostly aimed at models that once were popular in the USA, so for manufacturers like Adler there are no guidelines (but the existing guidelines for soldering and for non-soldering probably work fine).


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