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PowerShell conditional and logical operators (via: PowerShell Pro!)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/04/03

Switching between many different languages, I tend to forget the exact names and symbols of the PowerShell operators.

Most of the ones I use have to do with comparison and logic, o here they are:

Most used comparison operators

Operator Description
-eq Equal to
-lt Less than
-gt Greater than
-ge Greater than or Eqaul to
-le Less than or equal to
-ne Not equal to

Logical operators

Operator Description
-not Not
! Not
-and And
-or Or

I find it funny that you have ! and -not, but not -!. Oh well (:

Talking about logicals: PowerShell can coerce a couple of values to $false, but I’m ambivalent to use that: it does shorten code, but is very PowerShell specific.

Before I forget: an operator that is undervalued, is the -f operator that does formatting.

It uses the standard .NET formatting strings, so that is an easy way to put your .NET knowledge to use. Some further reading on the -f operator:


via: Conditional Logic | PowerShell Pro! :: PowerShell Pro!.

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