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Archive for April 6th, 2010

.NET Reflector catch-22

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/04/06

I just found out that the .NET Reflector asks me two questions.

The first is this:

  • This version of .NET Reflector is out of date. Do you want to update automatically?
    (YES / NO)

If I answer NO, then reflector quits, so I’m forced to answer YES.
(the question seems wrong: if you don’t have a choice, then why pose a question?)

When answering YES, you get a message box like this:

After pressing OK, automatically a browser screen opens at this url:

That page is an advertisement for the new version 6.0:
NEW: The .NET Reflector download now includes a 14-day, free trial of .NET Reflector Pro.

So the situation now seems this:

  1. You are forced to upgrade to the new Reflector
  2. You have to perform this upgrade manually
  3. It is not possible to install .NET Reflector 6.0 without the trial: when running it, it automatically installs the trial in Visual Studio.

So, 20 months after RedGate acquired Reflector from Lutz Roeder, it seems the new Reflector became a kind of ad-ware.
Did it? Did it not?
That and the impossibility of an automatic update makes me having mixed feelings. It seems I’m not the only one.


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