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I won’t make it to CodeRage this year, the Diving instructor and a diving buddy of my retarded brother just died in a diving accident: counselling to do

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/10/03

I’m really sorry to announce it, but I’m still shocked, while in the mean time providing counselling to my brother, providing the newspaper interviewer with background information on how diving with handicapped/retarded people works, and helping hands where I can.

It means I won’t make it to CodeRage this year. With pain in my heart, but even more pain for Fred Snijder (diving instructor) and Nico Laan (diving buddy), their families, friends, pupils, and co-divers. Those guys will be dearly missed, and leave an inexplicably large hole behind (no pun intended).

Just read, and shiver imagining that two of the most well trained and precautionary diving people I know just, well, died on October, 1st.

I’m in an utterly confused state of mind: sad, confused, supportive, etc.


2 Dutch divers died in German lake

The bodies of 2 divers were recovered on Sunday at a depth of 50 metres in the Kreidesee in Hemmoor, 30 miles southeast of Cuxhaven, following a diving accident.

The Delta Duikteam of Alkmaar had a group of 6 people diving at the 60-metre deep lake, 2 surfaced without problems, 2 others required to make an emergency ascent but they are not listed in life-threatening condition. Of the 2 missing divers whose bodies were found yesterday, 1 was an experienced instructor. 3rd October 2011

–jeroen, confused.


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7 Responses to “I won’t make it to CodeRage this year, the Diving instructor and a diving buddy of my retarded brother just died in a diving accident: counselling to do”

  1. My condolences.

    Just a thought – the word “retarded” has a strong negative impact in English, and “mentally disabled” appear to be the politically correct term.

    • jpluimers said

      The thing is, no matter what language you use, there is no “good” term for it. in English, the official term is still mental retardation. In Dutch, we went from “Mentally Handicapped”, through “Intellectually Handicapped” to “Intellectually Challenged”. Crap: they all try to describe the same people and over time make the term more “humane”, but it won’t be more humane as the affected people will stay the same, and still be humans.
      I stopped caring about the phrasing a long time ago: he is challenged/handicapped or has a deficiency in some of his parts, but is far ahead in other parts. For instance, if he has been somewhere once, he is like a pigeon: he can – almost blindly – find its way.
      Compare that for instance to my mom, who gets disoriented when she makes an in-place 360 degree turn :)
      Thanks for caring though, it shows you really see everyone as “human” with good and bad sites that complement each other. I really appreciate that.

  2. Sebastian Gingter said

    My condolences.

    As a diver I know that especially instructors are extremely cautious and aware of the dangers in the deep. This is just terrible :-(

    I wish you and your brother that you handle this well and don’t give up diving nevertheless.

  3. Marjan said

    My condolences. I heard it on the news, never expected it to affect somebody I knew…

  4. Wouter said

    It was the first item on the 20:00 news. My condolences…

  5. IL said

    Please accept my condolences. Never thought that diving could be so unsafe.

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