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Chrome Google search URLs changed into a webhp redirect; no rootkit; Avast! and eggheadcafe seem involved; reproducible on one machine. What happened?

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/02/16

Somewhere the last couple of days, Google or Google Chrome has changed the default search URL.

I thought I had a webhp rootkit issue, possibly related to Avast, but it wasn’t (I posted at the Avast forums, and later replied the issue had solved itself, but I still wonder about the real cause).

What happened was that some page I had open in Google Chrome (all other web browsers were fine) forced the redirect.

I can only reproduce this on one system (that has both Avast! Antivirus installed, and Chrome open with the page but not on other machines.

So far, it took me about a day of work (quarantining the machine, investigating if it was a virus, rootkit or otherwise, trying to verify this is a one off), and I still feel I don’t have the complete answer yet.

I still wonder if others have seen similar issues.

This is how it redirected

The defaults have a truckload of junk around them, but come down to the URLs below (lmgtfy is the search phrase)

It used to be of this form (which now again works, after I closed all Google Chrome pages)

The redirect made it into a longer webhp form:

The fun thing is, that if you enter the form

then you will end at the Google Search home page with the search phrase pre-filled in.
Now that is a pretty nifty “let me Google that for you” :)


via: Google.

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