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Delphi: [BRCC32 Error] ProjectName.vrc(63): file not found: C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\10.0\Styles\SlateClassico.vsf

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/17

The Delphi styling mechanism hard codes style paths for Delphi built-in styles.

During compilation, a .VRC file is generated for your project (in this example ProjectName.vrc which is a resource compiler script. This was introduced by Delphi 2007 (see: Pre-build trick does not work to circumvent [BRCC32 Error] xxx.vrc(1): error creating xxx.res (via: Embarcadero Discussion Forums & StackOverflow)), got extended over time and by now this script can includes at least:

  • version info
  • main icon
  • manifest reference
  • platform targets
  • supported styles

For the latter, you can get errors like this one:

[BRCC32 Error] ProjectName.vrc(63): file not found: C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\10.0\Styles\SlateClassico.vsf

The solution to this error is simple:

  1. Go to your project options
  2. Switch to “All Targets”
  3. Go to node “Application”, then “Appearance”
  4. Look for the style named just in front of the .vsf extension (in this case StateClassico)
  5. Remove the checkmark.
  6. Press OK
  7. Rebuild

Example files :

/* ----- VS_VERSION.dwFileFlags ----- */
#define VS_FF_DEBUG             0x00000001L
#define VS_FF_PRERELEASE        0x00000002L
#define VS_FF_PATCHED           0x00000004L
#define VS_FF_PRIVATEBUILD      0x00000008L
#define VS_FF_INFOINFERRED      0x00000010L
#define VS_FF_SPECIALBUILD      0x00000020L
#define VS_FFI_FILEFLAGSMASK    0x0000003FL

/* ----- VS_VERSION.dwFileOS ----- */
#define VOS_UNKNOWN             0x00000000L
#define VOS_DOS                 0x00010000L
#define VOS_OS216               0x00020000L
#define VOS_OS232               0x00030000L
#define VOS_NT                  0x00040000L
#define VOS_WINCE               0x00050000L

#define VOS__BASE               0x00000000L
#define VOS__WINDOWS16          0x00000001L
#define VOS__PM16               0x00000002L
#define VOS__PM32               0x00000003L
#define VOS__WINDOWS32          0x00000004L

#define VOS_DOS_WINDOWS16       0x00010001L
#define VOS_DOS_WINDOWS32       0x00010004L
#define VOS_OS216_PM16          0x00020002L
#define VOS_OS232_PM32          0x00030003L
#define VOS_NT_WINDOWS32        0x00040004L

/* ----- VS_VERSION.dwFileType ----- */
#define VFT_UNKNOWN             0x00000000L
#define VFT_APP                 0x00000001L
#define VFT_DLL                 0x00000002L
#define VFT_DRV                 0x00000003L
#define VFT_FONT                0x00000004L
#define VFT_VXD                 0x00000005L
#define VFT_STATIC_LIB          0x00000007L

FILEVERSION 1, 0, 124, 56
 BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
  BLOCK "040904E4"
   VALUE "FileVersion",  "\000\000"
   VALUE "ProductVersion",  "\000\000"
   VALUE "ProductName",  "My server\000\000"
   VALUE "CompanyName",  "My company\000\000"
 BLOCK "VarFileInfo"
  VALUE "Translation", 1033, 1252


MAINICON ICON "MyProject_Icon.ico"
1 24 "MyProject.$manifest"
SlateClassico VCLSTYLE "C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\RAD Studio\\10.0\\Styles\\SlateClassico.vsf"


2 Responses to “Delphi: [BRCC32 Error] ProjectName.vrc(63): file not found: C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\10.0\Styles\SlateClassico.vsf”

  1. remote the checkmark -> “remove”

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