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Archive for October 11th, 2018

MotionEyeOS on Odroid C1+ with Logitech USB web cameras

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/11

Hopefully I get this to work after fixing

The first part of the fix was to

  1. re-image the SD card.
  2. boot
  3. wait 5 minutes (there is no output on HDMI apart from some flickering and no output on TTY using 115200 bits/second despite trying [WayBacken:c1_hardware_uart [ODROID Wiki])

The second part is getting the USB web cameras to work.

I’ve got two types, but the label on them doesn’t list their common name, only their P/N sometimes with M/N:

  1. P/N 860-000049 M/N V-UBC40 (really old USB cameras)
  2. P/N 860-000334 (new USB camera)

The MotionEyeOS web interface didn’t list any working cameras so I had to do some digging.

Luckily [WayBackWebcam software and driver support for Windows has a table of part and model numbers combined with product names, so they got revealed them as these:

  1. P/N 860-000334 = M/N V-U0028  with name HD Pro Webcam C920
  2. P/N 861225 = M/N V-UBC40 with name Quick Cam Messenger
    (which is funny as the P/N on the label is different)

Both are supported by motion according to [WayBackLogitech < Motion < Foswiki though the Quick Cam Messenger needs [WayBackQuickcam Messenger & Communicate driver for Linux which I should try to cross-compile one day.

The latter works fine. Below are some settings I used.

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database connection – Looking for a generic way to pool TCusomConnection in Delphi – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/11

What is the proper way for pooling of TCustomConnection instances in Delphi, that allows to distinguish between instances that have effectively equal connection properties and the ones that are effectively unequal?

I’ve tried searching the RTL and VCL sources and didn’t find a generic way.

I could copy either of the specific ones I found (see list below) and adapt them to a more generic solution or adapt one of the answers in #16404051 to be for TCustomConnection, but I wonder if there is an existing solution for TCustomConnection in the first place.

Specific ones I found in Delphi XE8:

  • DBX: unit Data.DBXPool
  • FireDAC: unit FireDAC.Stan.Pool
  • IBX: unit IBX.IBConnectionBroker

Source [WayBackdatabase connection – Looking for a generic way to pool TCusomConnection in Delphi – Stack Overflow

Hopefully by now I’ve some implementation for this that works nicely.

If not, these might get me started too:

In the .NET world, I take these things for granted, and it looks like ADO already does it out of the box as well:


via: [WayBack] Is there a Delphi library that allows for pooling of TCustomConnection… – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+

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