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MotionEyeOS on Odroid C1+ with Logitech USB web cameras

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/11

Hopefully I get this to work after fixing

The first part of the fix was to

  1. re-image the SD card.
  2. boot
  3. wait 5 minutes (there is no output on HDMI apart from some flickering and no output on TTY using 115200 bits/second despite trying [WayBacken:c1_hardware_uart [ODROID Wiki])

The second part is getting the USB web cameras to work.

I’ve got two types, but the label on them doesn’t list their common name, only their P/N sometimes with M/N:

  1. P/N 860-000049 M/N V-UBC40 (really old USB cameras)
  2. P/N 860-000334 (new USB camera)

The MotionEyeOS web interface didn’t list any working cameras so I had to do some digging.

Luckily [WayBackWebcam software and driver support for Windows has a table of part and model numbers combined with product names, so they got revealed them as these:

  1. P/N 860-000334 = M/N V-U0028  with name HD Pro Webcam C920
  2. P/N 861225 = M/N V-UBC40 with name Quick Cam Messenger
    (which is funny as the P/N on the label is different)

Both are supported by motion according to [WayBackLogitech < Motion < Foswiki though the Quick Cam Messenger needs [WayBackQuickcam Messenger & Communicate driver for Linux which I should try to cross-compile one day.

The latter works fine. Below are some settings I used.


[WayBackTheRandomLab: Logitech c920 and c910 fields of view for RGBDtoolkit

Sometimes I get this in /var/log/messages:

v4l2_select_input: Error selecting input 0 VIDIOC_S_INPUT: Device or resource

It might be this: [WayBackUnstable setup; delayed motion detection for netcams · Issue #72 · ccrisan/motioneyeos

For future experimentation:


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