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Archive for October 9th, 2018

tcp – How can I trigger a script when a certain port becomes available for requests? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/09

Netcat to the rescue waiting for a Windows 10 upgrade to finish (which can take hours):

while ! nc -z 3389; do echo "sleeping"; sleep 10; done; echo 'The server is up!'

Via: [WayBacktcp – How can I trigger a script when a certain port becomes available for requests? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange, quoting from the answer:

  • nc is Netcat, “the Swiss-army knife for TCP/IP”,
  • -z means: do not send any data, just check if the port is open,
  • while ! nc -z …; do sleep 0.1; done: keep checking and sleeping for one tenth of a second until the port opens up, i.e. Netcat returns with a zero (success) status.


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Giving up on the official Ubuntu for Odroid C1 image

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/09

After the trouble in Ubuntu: Fixing the myserious “Failed to stop apt-daily.timer: Connection timed out” I got into more trouble:
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade hung the device.

It booted fine, but a new update showed it was in a hosed state.

I don’t expect vendor supported distributions to fail this way, so I gave up on the ubuntu-16.04-minimal-odroid-c1-20160817.img.xz .


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A Key’s Odyssey – the path of a keystroke message through the VCL

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/09

Blast from the past, but still relevant, this article by Peter Below:

This article follows the path of a keystroke message through the VCL. You will learn how the key processing is implemented, how the OnKey events work and what intervention points for the programmer can be found in the whole process. In addition, things like message processing are explained, and you will learn how to trace messages in the debugger from the message loop to their eventual destination.

Source: [WayBackA Key’s Odyssey

Via: [WayBack] Vcl.Controls.pasprocedure TWinControl.CNKeyDown(var Message: TWMKeyDown);..if IsMenuKey(Message) then Exit; … – Attila Kovacs – Google+


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