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on my .NET research list: Mini (Raspberry Pi) and Micro (Arduino)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/01

Computing on not so common platforms it so much fun, especially when you can use familiar tools for it.

A couple of years ago, I did a fun project with an USB WebCam, a Pololu USB servo controller, two servo motors, a servo relay and a laser pointer. The device would point the laser pointer at the biggest moving object in the WebCam view, and flash the laser pointer at it.

All code was C# running on Windows.

Basically there are two classes on “small” devices that run .NET code (apart from smartphones and tablets):

  • Raspberry Pi:
    Mini devices with more than a couple of megabytes memory running a kind of regular .NET Framework.
  • Arduino:
    Micro devices with maximum of a couple of dozen kilobytes memory (a megabyte if you are really lucky) running the .NET Micro Framework

This might be a chance to lift it to a new level and embed everything in one device (:

The cool thing about the .NET Micro Framework is that you can do real time stuff.



2 Responses to “on my .NET research list: Mini (Raspberry Pi) and Micro (Arduino)”

  1. IL said

    I believe Arduino on .NETMF is called Netduino. Raspberry Pi is much more powerful than Arduino/Netduino and it runs on Debian Linux distro.

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