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iOS, Delphi XE3 and XE2

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/23

I hope I read these mobile and iOS parts of the XE3 and beyond : A look at mobile post by John Ray “JT” Thomas correctly:


And although the new mobile products will include new mobile specific toolchains, FireMonkey FM2 for mobile, and a mobile tuned development environment, the mobile products are being designed to be able to easily leverage and extend XE3 Mac and Windows desktop projects.


As a result of the language changes for mobile and changes to the FireMonkey framework (which will roll into the mobile products), FireMonkey is no longer compatible with the FreePascal toolchain used to compile iOS applications with XCode. Therefore, the migration tools delivered in XE2 will no longer be included in XE3, and FireMonkey FM2 desktop apps will not be compatible with FreePascal and XCode. However, as an XE3 customer you will have access to (or may already have) the XE2 product that you can continue to use with FireMonkey XE2 to build iOS applications with Xcode and FreePascal.

Mobile again:

*Access to mobile beta requires an active XE3 Professional Edition or higher developer license.

This is what I read:

  1. Full mobile is not ready yet
  2. Mobile support will be packaged differently (how about SA users?)
  3. Mobile support will be in a future beta available to XE3 customers
  4. Delphi XE3 users will get XE2 for free
  5. For iOS development you use XE2 with the state of FireMonkey as it was in XE2, or
    use XE2 and convert the XE3 FireMonkey sources back into the FreePascal format

Please let me know if I got this right.

(note: most places I mention Delphi, you can fill in RAD Studio and C++ Builder as well)


via: JT @ Embarcadero » XE3 and beyond : A look at mobile.

7 Responses to “iOS, Delphi XE3 and XE2”

  1. Vítor Garcia Graveto said

    I am using FM only for IOS. I have SA In my Dephi pro. Will I have to pay for the new IOS support?

    • jpluimers said

      That is a great question, and it would be a good action if Embarcadero sends out an email blast informing SA customers with an answer on this.

  2. “Full mobile is not ready yet” ???

    Oh no, again?

    Its better to wait a XE4 then.

  3. Francisco Ruiz said

    SA customers will get it yes or yes because all the ads and information from the company we were receiving from Embarcadero this year was about XE3 = mobile dev for IOs and Android more explicit in the case of C++ Builder SA users: “Your ticket to the future iOs + 64bit + ARM + C++11 + Android when you buy C++Builder XE2 + Manteinance bundle”

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