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Delphi and C# compiler oddities

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/01/08

When developing in multiple languages, it sometimes is funny to see how they differ in compiler oddities.

Below are a few on const examples.

Basically, in C# you cannot go from a char const to a string const, and chars are a special kind of int.

In Delphi you cannot go from a string to a char.


program CompilerOddities;


{$R *.res}


  CharAndString = class
    const A = string('A');
    const B = string('B');
    const AB = A + B;
    const IJK = 'IJK'; // automatically a string
    const X = 'X'; // Unicode/ASCII 88
    const Y = 'Y'; // Unicode/ASCII 89
    const Value: Integer = Integer(X) + Integer(Y); // Char is not Integer, but you can cast it: 177
    const XY = string(X + Y);
    const YX = string(Y + X);
    const I = IJK[1]; // E2026 Constant expression expected


C# (changeset)

namespace CompilerOddities
    public class CharAndString
        public const string A = "A";
        public const string B = "B";
        public const string AB = A + B;
        public const string IJK = "IJK";
        public const char X = 'X'; // int 88
        public const char Y = 'Y'; // int 89
        public const int Value = X + Y; // because char is actually int with a special syntax: 177
        // these don't compile:
        public const string XY = X + Y; // Cannot implicitly convert type 'int' to 'string'
        public const string YX = Y.ToString() + X.ToString(); // The expression being assigned to 'CompilerOddities.CharAndString.YX' must be constant
        public const char I = (char)(IJK[0]); // The expression being assigned to 'CompilerOddities.CharAndString.A1' must be constant



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