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Some cloud storage / online backup providers compared (DropBox, Sugarsync, Bitcasa, …)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/07/31

I’ve been using a few cloud storage / online backup providers for a while on Mac and Windows now, with the primary goals of

  • being able to sync data between machines
  • having a backup online

Here are some pros/cons.



  • ease of setup and use
  • ease of sharing with other DropBox users
  • shows estimated time left to sync
  • strong social connectivity: can add extra free space by referral system, recommendation and camera upload


  • only sync files from within the local Dropbox folder
  • shared data from others adds up to your quota too
  • USD 10/month for 100 gigabyte of space
  • Free plan is only 2 gigabyte



  • Mirror any folder from any computer to the cloud
  • For cost saving: have a < 100 gigabyte plan
  • Free plan is 5 gigabyte


  • Can only sync the My Sugarsync folder to all your devices
  • Not easy to sync-share folders with other people
  • USD 10/month for 100 gigabyte of space



  • Unlimited data storage
  • Free plan is 5 gigabyte


Some tools I have not tried yet

Base on the interesting post Bitcasa: Unlimited storage, version history & sync | A Wild Duck, I also want to look at these:

Cannot test Digital Lifeboat any more: they have closed down for business.
More to compare: Comparison of online backup services – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

4 Responses to “Some cloud storage / online backup providers compared (DropBox, Sugarsync, Bitcasa, …)”

  1. ttkk said

    So, how it works? And thank you for using my referral link…

    • jpluimers said

      Works OK, though I miss the “history” feature of DropBox (where you can see what actions have been performed, and undo some actions).

  2. ttttkkkk said


    after my external drive died, and I loose all of my photos, i was very angry. Then I tried Dropbox (fine, but not enough space for me), Sugarsync (for me it was very slow), and now I am using Copy.

    Normaly, on Copy you have 15GB for free, but if you use this link, and install Copy application to synchronize or backup your data, you will get 20GB for free:

    • jpluimers said

      Thanks for this tip. I used your referral URL so you should have gotten extra disk space too.

      Will try this over the next couple of weeks and see how well it works.


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