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Archive for July 20th, 2013

Logitech Logimouse C7 and Mouse programmers toolkit PDFs at Bitsavers

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/07/20

Bitsavers published 2 new Logitech PDFs:

Who didn’t have a Logitech mouse back then?

I had the C7, various MouseMans, and a few more modern mice. Why not all mice? I developed RSI in the DOS era, ending up with TrackPoints and more recently Apple touchpads)

I remember the Logimouse C7, not because it was from Logitech, but because it was available from so may OEMs. Long before Logitech built OEM mice for Apple, they were founded in Apples, Swizerland.

The cool thing: the Programmers Toolkit had examples in Modula-2. I used that as a base to write quite some Turbo Pascal code for mouse handing.

Oh: Bitsavers does have a Logitech Modula-2 PDF online too for quite some time. I mentioned that in More Old Micro Cornucopia issues on BitSavers from 1987 and 1988.


via: Bitsavers’ Index of /pdf/logitech.

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