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Delphi: Embarcadero Summer School lesson 6 Q&A (Powerful multi-tier applications with DataSnap.)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/08/01

Lesson 6 of the Embarcadero Mobile Development Summer School was titled Powerful multi-tier applications with DataSnap.

Download of the video will be at

The Twitter coverage is at Twitter / Search – #embtdd.

Here is the Q&A chat for that session:

Q: Maybe post the main urls (streaming, twitter, etc) here for attendees to make it easier to find them.

Audience Question
Q: It ssems to me that what would be really handy is a DataSnap wizard that could update an existing client when the available server methods are changed. It is reasonably simple to add or remove a server method by hand, but to do the corresponding fix-ups in the client code is a total pain!Or perhaps I have missed some easy way to do that? :)
A: Just re generate client classes – it will find the original file and update it :-)

Audience Question
Q: As simple as that? Wow! I didn’t dare try that whenever I have needed it in the past. Thanks :)
A: :-)

Q: Tip: NEVER EVER manually change the generated classes.
A: I agree with that! :-)

This is amazing that you can open up your DataSnap servers with just a few lines of code to other languages!

Audience Question
Q: FireDac do’s not give you an option to generate Datasnap client classes like DBExpress used to. Is this going to be an option latter?
A: DBExpress is the recommended client option for DataSnap still. Use FireDAC on server.

Audience Question
Q: Can you easily add the mobile connections at an existing datashap http server?
A: Absoutely just add the mobile connector componets to your datasnap server and set the properties

Audience Question
Q: Thanks too all for a very good episode. good for ref :)
A: Your welcome :-)

Audience Question
Q: Thanks also from me. Very useful sessions
A: Your welcome. Happy coding!

Audience Question
Q: Thanks, appreciated the session. Good to see the different ways to connect back to DataSnap.
A: Cool :-)

Audience Question
Q: Many thanks for the sesssions – all very useful.
A: :-)


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