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Archive for August 9th, 2013

Reminder to self: Delphi XE2 x64 debugging on Windows 8 is a no go, you get [Error] Disconnected session

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/08/09

Just found out this the hard way, glad I found it soon which prevented me from doing like Ondrej Kelle – Google+ – Wasted a few hours with this….:

Debugging 64 bit Delphi applications with Delphi XE2 on Windows 8 does not work

Problem: Debugging a 64 bit Delphi application using Delphi XE2 with Windows 8 results in the error Disconnected session.

Solution: Windows 8 is not a supported platform for versions of Delphi prior to Delphi XE3. To get debugger support for 64 bit applications on Windows 8, you must get Delphi XE3. If you are upgrade sensitive, Embarcadero recommends you get Support and Maintenance along with your next purchase. Support and Maintenance guarantees you all updates for 1 year and gets you 3 support incidents in addition.

The proposed solution is to upgrade to at lease Delphi XE3, but this project is not ready to upgrade just yet.

Anybody with a real workaround (apart from downgrading to Windows 7)?


via Error: Disconnected session.

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On managing Facebook groups and delegating admin rights: What is a group admin? | Facebook Help Center

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/08/09

This page didn’t end up high when searching for delegate Facebook group management.

So that I won’t forget:

What is a group admin?

In addition to everything that group members can do, a group admin can:

  • Edit the group description and settings
  • Add more admins to a group
  • Remove abusive posts, and remove or ban members

You’re automatically an admin if you create a group. Otherwise, if you join a group that already has one or more admins, you can ask any of the existing admins to add you as an admin. If you’re a member of a group with no admins, you can become an admin by clicking Make Me Admin under Members in the right column.


via What is a group admin? | Facebook Help Center.

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