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Delphi – Direct3D and the wrong FPU state: Now() function returns a wrong value (via: StackOverflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/10/31

The question datetime – Delphi Now() function returns a wrong value – Stack Overflow is similar to my article Delphi – Michael Justin had strange floating point results when his 8087 FPU Control Word got hosed.

Good that stackoverflow user Anton Zhuchkov found out the cause himself: his answer indicates the Precision Control (and rounding) part of the FPU state got hosed by wrongly initializing the Direct3D device.

I edited his answer with some extra links to documentation.

Finally I’ve found the solution. I needed to specify the D3DCREATE_FPU_PRESERVE flag when creating a D3D device by D3D.CreateDevice.

Otherwise, without that flag, all floating point operations are performed with single precision. As the TDateTime is a simple Double, and Now() functions is consist of simple addition of date value to time value, it all get messed up by DirectX “smart” override.

Problem solved. It was a tricky one indeed. :)


via: datetime – Delphi Now() function returns a wrong value – Stack Overflow.

2 Responses to “Delphi – Direct3D and the wrong FPU state: Now() function returns a wrong value (via: StackOverflow)”

  1. It’s actually way more complex than this. You need to feed DirectX the flu control state that it excepts. So, mask exceptions. Feed it the standard ms control state. Otherwise you’ll find yourself suffering from fpmexceptions, but only on some machines depending on drivers/cards. Really you need to handles the control state entirely yourself.

    And as I’ve explained many times before the Emba routines for this are irredeemably broken. They are not threadsafe! See my QC report for all the details.

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