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Which Windows Resource Editor do you use?

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/08/13

In the past, I used the XN Resource Editor, but it hasn’t been maintained for a while.

Which resource editor do you use?

Based on a few links I found, I will be trying these:


PS: More comments in this G+ thread.


Edit 20221225: poll results so far

[Wayback/Archive] Windows Resouce Editor – Results (poll 7139042)

12 Responses to “Which Windows Resource Editor do you use?”

  1. Edwin Yip said

    I use this one: from the maintainer of the drag and drop component suite.

  2. Generally speaking, the only custom stuff I put in the resources, is icons. IcoFx is awesome for creating multisized icons which work well on all Windows versions.
    The rest usually goes through .rc files.
    For bitmap editing –

  3. bugcheck said

    It matters if you’d like to edit or view resources in their native format.
    The PE or RES format might not have changed but many resource types have been introduced or changed. E.g XP introduced the manifest resource and Vista changed (or rather extended) the icon format.
    Most of the older editors choke on png compressed icons or fail to handle the alpha of 32 bit bitmaps.

    • jpluimers said

      Of course I love to be able to edit resources in their native format (:

      But a resource editor that allows to insert native files without full editing capabilities would do fine.

      Which resource editors to you use?

      • bugcheck said

        Um… I use my own res editor (hint: public release hasn’t been updated since 2011).

        Ps. Pls delete my first comment (#7) as it’s a dupe. I seem to be having some trouble posting here. This is the second time I write this comment.

    • That’s a fair point re PNG compressed .ico files

  4. lhengen said

    I use the one included with EMBT’s Rad Studio…the complete solution for professional developers ;-) QC#61170…only 6 years old.

  5. And anyway, why does it matter that resource editors have not been updated recently. The PE resource format has been stable for 15-20 years. What are the updates going to bring?

  6. I really like Resource Builder from SiComponents

  7. Bruce McGee said

    I don’t edit resources often, but I really like the resource editor from Anders Melander for viewing them. Unfortunately, the last update was in 2011.


  9. David Heffernan said

    IcoFx is an icon designer not a resource editor.

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