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Continua CI Version 1.5 has been released (build; smaller, faster, loads of new features; Spring4D XE7 builds automated

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/09/10

I’m really happy that Continua CI Version 1.5 got released a few hours ago as per the Continua 1.5 released announcement.

It means that my Build Automation Session during the Dutch Delphi 2014 conference tomorrow can range from:

  • build using MSbuild from the command-line
  • build batch files
  • build using a custom front-end
  • build using Continuous Integration front-end

The session will explain lots of details about what various Delphi versions do, how to cope with dependencies, etc.

In the mean time, the preliminary Spring4D work on build automation is visible to guest users. Those include building for Delphi XE7 for the Win32, Win64 and OSX32 targets (in Debug and Release mode).

There is a huge list of Version 1.5 History @ Continua CI changes, which is partially quoted below.

For me these are the most important:

  • in-place upgrade without having to do any changes on my part
  • truckload of new features (including Delphi XE7, NuGet and Fake F# support)
  • smaller
  • faster

(as a side note: also FinalBuilder 7 was recently updated to support Delphi XE7)

In general, I like Continua CI a lot, most importantly because:

  • it is very stable
  • it has native support for a wide range of software development tools (including Delphi, Visual Studio and much more)
  • supports DVCS (like Git/Mercurial) just as you expect it to
  • if something breaks, you get a response and fix very very soon

You can download the new version through the Downloads @ Continua CI. These are the direct links:

For a breaking issue, there has been an important bug fix, so the new downloads are:

I created an RSS feed through Page2RSS to watch any new releases of Continua CI.

Parts of the changes in

The full list of changes are at Version 1.5 History @ Continua CI.

Be sure to also look at the official Continua 1.5 released announcement.

  • Reworked UI:
    • Now using bootstrap framework for styling
    • Redesigned Project detail view to show more information including graphs.
    • Added stages information to the Project tile and list views
    • Disabled configurations are now displayed as faded
  • Cloning:
    • Can now clone whole projects and clone configurations between projects.
  • Stage Conditions:
    • Auto Promote conditions – stages can now use conditions to control whether to auto-promote to the next stage.
    • Skip conditions – you can now provide conditions for skipping stages or disable a stage completely.
  • New Actions:
    • Fake (F#) build runner.
    • NuGet restore action.
    • Update GitHub Status Action is now deprecated (use event handler instead – see below).
  • Repository Tags: (Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories only)
    • Continua CI can now detect and list repository tags.
    • Tags are now displayed in changeset tabs on configuration and build views.
    • Repository trigger can now be set to trigger on tag changes (new tags, edits and deletions) changes).
    • You can now run a build on a tagged changeset.
  • Build Event Handlers: allowing you execute various tasks on the server based on build status changes.
    • Octopus Deploy: Create/Deploy/Promote Octopus Deploy releases.
    • Tag Repository Changeset – Apply tags to a repository changeset (Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories only)
    • Update GitHub Status – replaces the Update GitHub Status action.
  • Various other changes including:
    • Report ordering: you can choose which one is displayed first on the build view.
    • New expression functions: Utils.NewGuid() and Utils.RandomNumber() can be used for generation of temporary paths for example

Note : You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.<

5 Responses to “Continua CI Version 1.5 has been released (build; smaller, faster, loads of new features; Spring4D XE7 builds automated”

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  2. I will agree its a great product. Thank you for publishing your Spring4D CI setup it really highlighted a different way of using the product, compared to the way I use it.

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