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A few must watch videos on test driven development and unit testing

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/09/25

If you are going to do test driven development and unit testing, you should watch these videos and slide decks, most of them by Miško Hevery:

  1. Not a video, but a good starter: Guide: Writing Testable Code (or read the PDF version).
  2. 0:32:07 ▶ “The Clean Code Talks — Unit Testing” – YouTube.
  3. 0:37:56 ▶ The Clean Code Talks – Don’t Look For Things! – YouTube.
  4. 0:54:08 ▶ The Clean Code Talks – “Global State and Singletons” – YouTube.
    • slides:     Clean Code Talks – Global State and Singletons. (slide 57; “global state is the root of all test problems”)
    • global state consequences for unit tests:
      • flakiness
      • order of test matters
      • tests cannot be run in parallel
    • red flags:
      • getting current time or date
      • getting a random number
    • be careful:
      • new operators are dangerous;
      • ask for what you need;
      • global state is nightmare;
      • constructor work is dangerous
  5. 0:38:24 ▶ “The Clean Code Talks — Inheritance, Polymorphism, & Testing” – YouTube.
  6. 0:56:02 ▶ Design Tech Talk Series Presents: OO Design for Testability – YouTube.
    • slides:     Design For Testablity (eye opener: slide 3; “No tests”: unit testing Common misconceptions/Invalid excuses)
  7. 1:18:41 ▶ How to Write Clean, Testable Code – YouTube.

The colon separated numbers in front of each video are the duration in H:MM:SS (yes, the final one is over an hour, but very interesting).

Each item consists of a video from the …. followed by the slide decks I find on …. site:

Thanks Stu Sherwin for pointing at this playist: Google Tech Talks – Misko Hevery – YouTube  by rtvdoorn (I found the playlist after bumping into the second talk).

There is also a list of videos at Info on OOP | westworld of which the non-overlapping ones are more aimed specifically at Java development (but for non-Java programmers, it is good to know about things like GUICE, JMock and EasyMock).

I still need to review the rest of the talks listed at About Miško Hevery.


2 Responses to “A few must watch videos on test driven development and unit testing”

  1. Al said

    There is also Nick Hodge’s one:

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