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CodeRage 9 Q&A: InterBase Keynote (Stephen Ball)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/30


InterBase Keynote

If you need to manage distributed data over multiple locations then don’t miss the product address for InterBase! The next generation of InterBase is coming soon and will be super charged with a powerful new change tracking engine that makes managing distributed datasets a whole load easier!

Level: All
Stephen Ball – Embarcadero


Audience Question

  • Q: Off topic: Has their been any reports of issues with Yosemite and virtual machines (VMWare)? I am planning on updating my OS X this weekend.
  • A: I know Parallels has released an update to work with Yosemite. It is pretty common that you need a new version to support a new OS. I’d check with VMWare to see if they have an update or what they recommend. I haven’t updated yet because I’ve been so busy with CodeRage and everything, but plan to upgrade both Parallels and OS X next week.

Audience Question

  • Q: just changed
  • A: Sorry.

Audience Question

  • Q: Paralles 9 still works on Yosemite. However, 10 is supposed to work more efficiently.
  • A: Good to know.

Audience Question

  • Q: I’m using Parallels along with Yosemite and Windows 10 without any problems!
  • A: Nice.

Audience Question

  • Q: No problem. Looks like he was on the first slide whole time.
  • A: There was an intermediate slide but the screen was hung. My falt. Sorry.

Audience Question

  • Q: Parallels 9 have issues with Windows 10 and Yosemite. You must upgrade to Parallels 10.
  • A: Good to know.

Audience Question

  • Q: if i need to database 1 million news stories aday and proive a search functionality on headlines and story bodies where you can do word seach or phrase search for over 100 people, is interbase a good solution or is a noSQL better?
  • A: InterBase gives you User Defined Functions for searching. So there are ways to add search. There are other advantages too.

Audience Question

  • Q: does IB support #memory tables as in SQL ?
  • A: Not Memtables, but you can use FireDAC and InterBase supports Temporary Tables. So it depeds on your use case.

Audience Question

  • Q: meant caching tables within the engines
  • A: The caching algorythems optimize to use the memory you provide the database to keep the tables in memory.

Audience Question

  • Q: Excellent!! never looked at IB seriously, will join th BETA. thanks for the great presentation
  • A: :-)

Audience Question

  • Q: I have sampled audio/Seismic streams and stored on IB — several hundred and several thousand samples per second for 24 hours — that’s several GByte per day. A decent Linux server lets this work fine.
  • A: :-)

Audience Question

  • Q: perfect – looking forward to the Beta
  • A: :-)

Audience Question

Audience Question

  • Q: btw someone know any map to “translate” mac keyboard to windows i toke me 1 hour to find backslash
  • A: Some of the Virtual Machine software suppors that. Beyond that I am not sure.

Audience Question

  • Q: The barcode really does work if your tablet is handy. Only caught the second one though. It was the first one I wanted. Oh well — waiting for the replay!
  • A: We will ahve the replays in a week or two. You’ll get an email.

Audience Question


via: CodeRage 9 – Object Pascal Sessions.

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