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Archive for October 31st, 2014 #fail (new editor just as bad as old one): Another example of the editor eating line breaks « Forums

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/31

Complaint Friday…

A long time ago, I complained about the (now old!) editor being wrong, wrong, wrong: Another example of the editor eating line breaks « Forums.

The promise then was that the new editor would be better.

The big news: the new editor is just as bad in this respect (and far worse in other respects).

Just watch the text around my signature and PS in the texts below and shiver.

Lets start with the original text of my GoToWebinar blog post today:

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Why I dislike GoToWebinar by Citrix: 0 stars out of 5.

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/31

Last week, I viewed to webinars. A smaller one Geek Fest – Automating the ForgeRock Platform Installation about Ansible installation of Unix machines, and the first 70% of the last day ofCodeRage 9 | Free Development Event by Embarcadero.

Both had a bad experience because of GoToWebinar has a really bad user experience.

  1.  When a GoToWebinar connection terminates, the GoToWebinar client closes. You loose everything in the Q&A log. You need to hope someone else saved the Q&A log so you can see the public questions, but the private comments you made are gone.
  2. It is impossible to install the Windows client when you are behind a McAfee Web Gateway that filters downloads and HTTPS traffic. After trying for about 15 minutes, we gave up and reverted back to a Mac over another connection. It meant we could not use the conference room and had to cram many people behind a small MacBook screen.
  3. The Mac OS X client does not allow you to resise the Q&A log, so even on a 4k display, you can see like 10 lines of Q&A.
  4. When there are many attendees, the refresh rate slows down from sub second to once per 5-10 seconds, this is really bad when watching demos of software: a big aim of webinars.

When terminating, the only thing GoToWebinar allows you to do is give feed back (too bad they don’t allow for detailed feed back). So I gave it 0 out of 5 stars.


PS: I could save the below Q&A logs. If you have other logs, please let me know so I can publish them. I’m especially interested in Have You Embraced Your Inner Software Plumber Yet? by David Schwartz – The Tool Wiz

These are the  CodeRage 9 – Object Pascal Sessions I could save the Q&A log of:

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Indent/Unindent text in PowerShell ISE

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/31

When searching for powershell ise indent tab, I came across this very nice post by rpscripter:

If one selects multiple lines, then pressing tab will indent them all.  Pressing shift+tab will un-indent them all.

Yes, I know the PowerShell is limited, so the indents are tabs (not spaces) and you cannot change the tab size: Powershell ISE – change indent/tab size + keep tabs.



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