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CodeRage 9 Q&A: Android Push Notifications (Jeff Lefebvre)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/30


CodeRage 9 Files!

This year I presented Push notifications with Android. Here are the files mentioned in the session!


Android Push Notifications

Want to send push notifications to your clients or employees? This session goes over setting up GCM, installing push notifications into your application, and calling GCM to push those messages to your app.

Level: Intermediate
Jeff Lefebvre


Audience Question

  • Q: Are you going to release the videos on youtube? I would recommend it if you weren’t. Youtube has become the place where people search for training.
  • A: As for previous CodeRage events, CodeRage 9 replays will be available within 1-2 weeks after the conference concludees on the CodeRage website at

Audience Question

Audience Question

  • Q: Ummm DailyDeveloper – eh? Sory about that!
  • A: :-)

Audience Question

  • Q: CodeRage is also an anagram for CodeGear
  • A: I didn’t know that. Nice.

Audience Question

Audience Question

  • Q: On my Android SDK Manager I didn’t see anything of Google and some other options shown in your demo y\under Extras. Am the installation too old?
  • A: If you run the update once and then restart again it should offer you more options.

Audience Question

  • Q: great presentation! thanks
  • A: Yeah, I really enjoyed it too!

Audience Question

Audience Question

  • Q: Is it possible to show the last slide with links ?
  • A: There you go.

Audience Question

  • Q: Are there any limitations in terms of how many notifications can be sent, commercial use, etc?
  • A: AFAIK there is no limit.

Audience Question

  • Q: Why there are no build in componnets in Delphi for push notifications for iOS and Android?
  • A: There are push notification components in XE7

Audience Question

Audience Question

  • Q: What is a diffrence beetwen push notification from XE7 and GCM ?
  • A: The XE7 push notifications go through Kinvey, Parse or App42 BaaS providers and still use GCM, but abstracts out the complexity.

Audience Question

Audience Question

  • Q: Seems like push notifications could be a way to register historic places, like cots where people lived 150 years ago before emigrating to US in order to put them on historic maps whee the places today has other names
  • A: Sure

Audience Question

  • Q: Would be for research where places was, like finding leftovers in terrain and want to register that in a database together with name of place
  • A: If you wanted to.

Audience Question

  • Q: thanks jeff
  • A: no problem :)

was a pleasure! Now back to work lol

Audience Question

  • Q: What do I get if I renew maintenance?
  • A: You get another year of updates. Not sure about Rapid SQL, but you should get most of the other stuff. Talk to sales and they can give you the details.

Audience Question

  • Q: If people have a stair around they should probably go some trips up and down to increase blood circulation in legs :-D I’ll do that now :-D
  • A: Blood circulation is a good thing, I’d agree with you there.

Audience Question

  • Q: Was that a TLikable class?
  • A: Absolutely.

Audience Question

  • Q: Is Jim McK a codemonkey
  • A: Yes, I am a Code Monkey. ;-)

Audience Question

  • Q: I would advise those who like the Rapid SQL to upgrade to DBPower studio
  • A: Nice.



4 Responses to “CodeRage 9 Q&A: Android Push Notifications (Jeff Lefebvre)”

  1. Fernando Rizzato said


    If I want to play a sound, or vibrate the device, when a notification arrives, the idea is to call some API when the notification arrives, or it’s provided by the notification mechanism?

  2. […] CodeRage 9 Q&A: Android Push Notifications (Jeff Lefebvre) […]

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