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RAD Studio 2015 Roadmap – Blogs

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/03/03

Odd that the RAD Studio 2015 Roadmap on the Embarcadero site got published by Brian Alexakis which is relatively unknown in the Delphi community.

I wish that ARC for Windows and Linux x86/x64 were on the list: the first since it makes it so much easier to solve ARC problems in libraries, the second since Kylix had a Linux x86 compiler and an RTL (yes, Kylix didn’t have Unicode nor Generics, but maybe the Linux and OS X targets might be too far apart).

I like that there is a roadmap for 2015. And glad with what is on it: 4K support (hopefully also done for the IDE), C++ LLVM compiler, IDE large memory (though I wonder how they do that), native HTTP (hopefully WinHTTP for SOAP and REST).

In the mean time, Kris Houser has indicated XE8 is in beta. Which is good know as well.


via: RAD Studio 2015 Roadmap

4 Responses to “RAD Studio 2015 Roadmap – Blogs”

  1. Technically ARC is not that new to Delphi, Interfaced Objects are an example of old Delphi capable of doing so. However, “Apple says Mac app makers must transition to ARC memory management by May” ( IMO validates EMBT’s first choice to move to an ARC model for mobile.

    • jpluimers said

      I totally agree with the move, but since debugging locally is so much better (stable, faster, etc) having a Windows x86 ARC compiler and base RTL would be a great benefit for at least library writers.

  2. KMorwath said

    ARC is the death kiss for highly threaded server side applications. It works for Apple because Apple doesn’t have a server side OS, nor does sell server side applications. Even some of the server applications run on OSX are coded in plain old C without ARC, being BSD ones. I can’t really understand why Delphi developers wants less and less performance, less and less versatily, in exchange for some less .Free calls. Probably because the few left are just coding little desktop/mobile applications no one really care of. Afraid of Free? Afraid of leaks? There’s .NET and Java for that.

    • jpluimers said

      I fully agree with your speed/performance remarks.
      I only want x86 Windows ARC so it becomes way easier (faster, more stable, etc debugger there) for developers to get their code right.

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