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Delphi packages I have disabled by prefixing their description with an underscore (and why)

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/07/19

There is a little trick to disable “Known IDE Packages”: you can stop Delphi from loading one by either making “Value data” of the registry blank, or prepending it with an underscore:

packages that might have been disabled, by checking any string entries where the data has been pre-pended with an underscore OR is blank

[WayBackAccess violation at address 00000000 read of address 00000000, when starting the IDE or opening a project after installing the updates

I’ve pre-pended underscores to some packages in the registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland|Codegear|Embarcadero\BDS|Delphi\#.0\Known IDE Packages] and intend to keep the list below updated over time:

  • _Start Page IDE Package
  • _Castalia
    • It
      • interferes with the clipboard which means Ctrl-R / Ctrl-P macro recording/playback will often find an empty clipboard when pasting
      • often causes out of memory errors and other bugs
      • takes over keyboard actions interfering with my edit habits
        • (like re-assigning the slash key when you have a character on a line selected making it a block: bye-bye replacing just one character with a slash now; we’ve always had Ctrl-Slash to commend out a line or block)
    • Note you
      • have to *also* disabled it in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS|Delphi\#.0\Known IDE Packages\Delphi]:
      • can disable (without changing the regsitry at all) it by appending " /NOCASTALIA" (without quotes but with leading space) to the parameters of the Delphi shortcut (another little Delphi secret).
  • _Embarcadero Community Toolbar
  • _Embarcadero Tracking System Package



4 Responses to “Delphi packages I have disabled by prefixing their description with an underscore (and why)”

  1. Warren Postma said

    Castalia is now merged in, but the Community Toolbar is another IDE package you could consider disabling this way.

  2. […] wrote about disabling Castalia before. This is yet another reason why I disabled it: on a fresh install it will throw errors at […]

  3. I’ve pending to submit new feature request, to support underscore in known experts too

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