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Archive for July 7th, 2016

James Newman built himself a 16-bit Megaprocessor using transistors in frames taking 12 by 2 meters. Wow!

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/07/07

It took James Newman more than one and a half years of actually building progress and more than that (thinking about it started in 2011) for designing his own Megaprocessor using transistors.

For like EUR 50000 and a lot of “learning opportunities” he built himself a room full of visual computing: you can see the LEDs on all the PCB boards indicating exactly what’s going on (heck: he even made the RAM visualise an actual tetris implementation).

All for the sake of understanding transistors and discrete logic after which things got out of hand.

Hopefully a tech museum will buy this.

His site as a truckload of information, for instance the Source: Megaprocessor – FAQ: good/bad/ugly linking to lots of technical details and decisions made (like throwing out surface mount components but using lead based solder or having dual output logic).

There’s a lot of video too (like Megaprocessor – How ?) but – especially these weeks – the downloading is slow, to it’s faster and easier to watch his Youtube playlists:

They are currently 6 videos each, but he has uploaded more videos and is working on more.

Finally, James even built an assembler for this 16-bit processor. How cool is that!



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Resource decompiler – converting/decompiling/extracting .RES files into .RC files and separate resources

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/07/07

via: Resource decompiler

One day I’m going to need ResourceHacker as it has an -extract option to extract resources.

The above link even has a batch file that can server as a start automating that process:

@echo off
set file="GeneSys"

if exist %file%.rc del %file%.rc

ResHacker.exe -extract %file%.res, %file%.rc,  Bitmap,,
ResHacker.exe -extract %file%.res, temp.rc,  Icon,,
type temp.rc >>%file%.rc
ResHacker.exe -extract %file%.res, temp.rc,  Dialog,,
type temp.rc >>%file%.rc
ResHacker.exe -extract %file%.res, temp.rc,  Menu,,
type temp.rc >>%file%.rc
ResHacker.exe -extract %file%.res, temp.rc,  StringTable,,
type temp.rc >>%file%.rc
ResHacker.exe -extract %file%.res, temp.rc,  Accelerators,,
type temp.rc >>%file%.rc
ResHacker.exe -extract %file%.res, temp.rc,  VersionInfo,,
type temp.rc >>%file%.rc
del temp.rc

I save it as extract.bat and a commandline usage: extract GeneSys will extract all the resources from GeneSys.res


PS: as the MASM forum sometimes nags with logins, I saved the above page in the wayback machine.

I’ve verified that [WayBack] ResourceHacker and the downloads ([WayBack] installer and [WayBack] portable) are there too.

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Easy way to generate “System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value.”

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/07/07

Easy way to generate “System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value.”.

using System;
public class Test
public static void Main()
int? nullableInt = null;
int nowInt = (int)nullableInt;


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