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Canonical overview on Writing to the Windows Event Log using Delphi – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/07/26

A while ago, StackOverflow user Kobus Smit did some brilliant editorial work that – due to current state of StackOverflow – sort of fired backwards: his question got marked as duplicate before he could post his excellent answer. After that answer was posted, the oh-so pride SO-demi gods never took any energy to revisit to see which answers were best.

His simple question:

How can my Delphi app easily write to the Windows Event Log?What is the difference between TEventLogger and ReportEvent? How do I use the ReportEvent function?

Which somehow should be encompassed by this Delphi 5 question (apparently that 15+ year old Delphi version is still considered current by the SO demi-gods).

The answer summarises and extends existing answers spread out over StackOverflow and adds an EventLog git repository wrapping the ReportEvent and RegisterEventSource (which somehow is always a pain: Delphi services for instance often forget that).

Lesson learned when doing editorial work:

  1. prepare both the answer and question in markdown off-line
  2. ensure you mention in the question that the answer is meant as collection of “best of” answers found elsewhere
  3. post the question and answer in rapid succession
  4. cross your fingers for the StackOverflow demi-gods being in a good mood


via: Writing to the Windows Event Log using Delphi – Stack Overflow

One Response to “Canonical overview on Writing to the Windows Event Log using Delphi – Stack Overflow”

  1. jandoggen said

    Your bashing of SO (moderators) does not contribute much. The question has been fully reinstated.

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