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APC: getting turned out to be tricky

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/24

I tried updating my downloads for my APC7920 and APC7921 PDUs.

I knew the APC download site was slow and navigation unfriendly (lots of ERR_CACHE_MISS as you cannot ctrl-click on downloads), but it’s also buggy: Some of the ftp download URLs do not contain the authentication and one file would not download at all.

The solution for that is to prepend the credentials as username:password@ like these URLs where each first one is generated by the download site and each second one works:

  • ftp://restrict:Kop$74!
  • ftp://restrict:Kop$74!

The username is restrict and the password Kop$74! which requires single quotes on the command-line to prevent parameter and event expansion.

Otherwise you will get bash errors like these: event not found for the part starting with an exclamation mark and Login incorrect. for the parts having a dollar.

One file would not download at all: as all download attempts would time out:

  • Chrome with and without username:password@ (you will get a ERR_FTP_FAILED)
  • wget with and without username:password@ (it will result in a )
  • plain curl with and without username:password@ (it will result in a curl: (28) Timeout was reached)

The only command that would work was this:

curl -G > powernet417.mib

via: SimplicityGuy/pynoc – Travis CI

The trick is to:

  1. leave username and password away
  2. specify the -G (or –get) parameter forcing GET behaviour (which should be the default).

I’m not sure why it works, but it does.


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