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Archive for August 22nd, 2016 ‚Äď Sodastream Zylinder selbst nachf√ľllen

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/22 ‚Äď Sodastream Zylinder selbst nachf√ľllen¬†– refill sodastream CO2 cartridges from a regular CO2 gas tank.


+Jeroen Wiert Pluimers  just reminded me of something. We do have one of these things. Is this a thing in the Netherlands, and if so, where to get CO2 for… РKristian Köhntopp РGoogle+

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Beyond Compare¬† – AUGUST 19, 2016

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/22

via Download Beyond Compare I found out about this new update: – AUGUST 19, 2016

Notable Changes

  • Text Merge output files will now be written using file format external conversion settings.
  • Various fixes and improvements.


  • Upgraded 7-zip libraries to 16.02 to fix code execution vulnerability in UDF (.img, .iso) decoder (CVE-2016-2334 and CVE-2016-2335).
  • Windows: Added support for PKZip v1 legacy compression algorithms (Implode, Reduce, Shrink).

Cloud Services

  • Fixed support for Unicode paths and filenames on SharePoint WebDAV servers.
  • Fixed support for connecting to Amazon S3 buckets in the eu-west-1 region that were created in 2013 and earlier.
  • Fixed resource leak when uploading/downloading from Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Windows: “Open With” for WebDAV profiles now passes http:// URLs to the requested application instead of BC-specific profile: ones.
  • Improved error message if an S3 bucket is stored in an unrecognized AWS region.
  • Fixed loading WebDAV folder listings that include empty getcontentlength entries.

Command Line

  • Fixed /fileviewer= switch to use fixed English phrases instead of translated strings.

File Formats

  • OS X/Linux: Fixed importing file formats with external helper executables.
  • Fixed loading .docx files that have been modified using MiniZip.

File Views

  • “Save File Using Profile” now handles “Editing disabled” just like “Save File on File System As” does.
  • Changed button caption in “Save Changes?” confirmation dialog from “Save None” to “Discard All”.


  • .msi packages now use SHA-256 code signing signatures instead of SHA-1 ones.


  • Fixed support for scrolling using laptops/tablets with precision touchpads (.e.g, Surface Pro).
  • OS X: Fixed support for Beyond Compare “Services” menu extensions in apps other than Finder.
  • Added Japanese as an official language.
  • Time limited license keys now show a warning on the Home view when close to the expiration, and show the expiration date in the About dialog.


  • Improved appearance of Options dialog and Home view for themes with dark backgrounds.


  • Fixed Picture Compare Report to use printer DPI instead of screen DPI.
  • Fixed Picture Compare Report handling of empty comparison.
  • Fixed plain text output of right justified text.
  • Fixed plain text output handling of gap lines.
  • Fixed Table Compare plain text output of interleaved headers.

Table Compare

  • Fixed performance regression introduced in 4.1.4.

Text Views

  • Windows: Fixed displaying emoji characters when “Enable font linking in editors” is enabled.
  • Linux: Fixed slow performance when long lines are visible.

Text Merge

  • Output files will now be written using file format external conversion settings.


  • Windows: Fixed crash when opening a file on 64-bit Windows.
  • Windows: Fixed crash when opening Options dialog to Tweaks panel while DisableCheckForUpdates registry tweak is active.


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Some notes on apcupsd, a SUA3000XLI and a SUA48XLBP battery pack

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/22

I’ve had a¬†SUA3000XLI for years using the USB cable and default Windows support as PowerChute Personal Edition¬†would fail to recognise it and abort installation (so I could not use APC¬†drivers as described on youtube).

A while ago, Liander – the energy distribution company – wanted to replace both the gas and electricity meters to become “smart” during day time. The server configuration load was heavy enough for Windows to indicate the UPS would¬†last about¬†30 minutes. At night that’s not much of a problem but during 1 hour replacement day-time it would be a problem.

So I bought a SUA48XLBP battery pack (and a SUA039 cable as the cable wasn’t long enough to keep an inch or so air space between UPS and battery pack) so the battery would last about 3 times as long.

Windows would still show it would last about¬†30 minutes. Strange. So I started looking around and it appeared the SUA3000XLI needed calibration which requires PowerChute. Since PowerChute won’t work, I was almost back at square 1. Almost, as I know knew it required calibration.

In the past I had come across apcupcd but that was a long time ago when it supported a limited set of operating systems and a limited set of features so I never installed it.

But when searching how to calibrate the without using PowerChute, it quickly appeared that the apctest part of apcupsd can do just that: soft calibrate the UPS/battery combo. There are some steps and prerequisites (the most important ones are to turn off the apcupsd and provide enough load and 100% battery charge at start).

Spoiler: the combined UPS/battery-pack now lasts for almost 2 hours which is long enough.

Installing apcupsd

I’m describing¬†this from a Windows perspective and it’s dead easy:

  1. download the latest release
  2. run the installer
  3. allow the driver to be installed
    1. indicate it’s OK to install an unsigned driver
    2. now Windows won’t recognise the UPS any more, but in a few steps the apcupsd and helper program will
  4. update the configuration file (no changes needed when it’s a USB connected one)
  5. wait for the service to start
  6. wait for the apctray helper program to start
  7. look in the “system tray” for apctray helper program icon¬†
  8. optionally configure your system to auto-start apctray after logon

The USB connection to the UPS delivers slightly less options than using a serial cable

Using a serial cable instead of a USB one

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ThinkPad ‘Ultra Classic’ 780ZXL+

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/22

LOL:¬†ThinkPad ‘Ultra Classic’ 780ZXL+¬†BZ4hQZi.png (1920√ó1080).

I lost my interest in ThinkPads long ago a while after Lenovo took over. But I could not resist posting this picture (:


via Peter Vones; Thinkpadders Rejoice (LARGE PICS) РPage 10.

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